Mixing it up

Natalia Corres
2 min readJan 29, 2020

I saw this animation yesterday, of Salvadore Dali and Disney’s collaboration, mixed with Pink Floyd, and it got me thinking.

Some of my best writing, (in my humble opinion), has been when I’ve looked at things from a completely different genre perspective. When I challenge my own definitions of what a genre should or shouldn’t be, or what the icons in that genre should or shouldn’t be, I wind up with something just different enough to be my own.

If you consume books, television and movies — it can sometimes be difficult to find your own voice, your own take on a theme. And if you are like me, you will sometimes be watching or reading something, and you think “Hey, this is exactly like this other thing…I wonder if they did that on purpose or if it was an accident?”

And while I tend to subscribe to the “happy accident” school of artistic activity (especially in my artwork), I worry about inadvertent “copying”, which I try not to do by accident. It is fine in an homage or a satire; where it is engineered on purpose — but accidental plagiarism is not my goal.

What has this got to do with Dali, Disney, and Pink Floyd? Only that you can find inspiration in random things that come your way, if you are open to it.

This animation is sparking a variety of concepts for short stories, which I am going to get working on in a few moments. Enjoy the happy accidents of creating, and of inspiration!

Originally published at https://ncorres.com on January 29, 2020.