Confessions of a teenaged ghost Pt. 2

Natalia Corres
4 min readJul 22, 2021

Still in flash fiction mode, and this ghost just sort of hangs around waiting for me to write more about her, so here goes. Enjoy.

You may be wondering why I seem to be stuck with my second cousin JC, and why I didn’t just go to the light or whatever. To be honest, I don’t remember seeing any light. My last memory was of seeing the cow and feeling bad that is was about to get hit by a huge old rickety ford pickup truck driven by my maniac second cousin.

Then I remember standing next to JC’s prone and snoring body out in the field. I don’t remember seeing myself, but I knew when folks showed up and there was some shaking heads and snippets of folks saying “what a shame” and “so young” over by the cow, that my body was probably over there. And I was probably dead.

Okay. I knew I was dead. And I was soooo mad at JC. If he’d been paying attention and driving slower, he’d have seen the cow and been able to stop or go around or whatever.

But no. He was too busy being thrilled to watch me being terrified of his driving to actually pay any attention to the road — if you could really call it a road.

My full attention was on JC from the moment I realized I was standing over him. I wanted to kick him. Or hit him. Instead I screamed right in his ear. And he flinched.

That was when I knew I could get to him…even a little. And I decided right there and then that I would make his life hard.