Confessions of a teenaged ghost

This is a flash fiction I wrote after having a weird dream. I blame it on the jalapenos. :-)

My second cousin JC is a real pain in the backside. He’s a swaggering, beer guzzling, snuff chewing jerk whose real name is Earl or LeRoy or Duke — who can remember anymore? It is some strange poke at the idiots who indentured the family back in merry old England, and sent them packing to the colonies. He’s called JC because when he hit his toddler years his Momma would yell “Jesus Christ almighty what are you in to now?” and it got shortened to JC and sort of stuck there like a…




Artist, Writer, Poet, Journalist, Editor

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Natalia Corres

Natalia Corres

Artist, Writer, Poet, Journalist, Editor

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