Natalia Corres was going to tell you about her years growing up reading everything she could get her hands on in the local libraries. She was going to tell you about the decades (40+) working in tech - both in support and development; and also adventuring in real life scavenger hunts, murder mysteries and role-playing dungeon and dragons play. She was going to tell you about the pet services business she built up and divided out to her staff so they would have their own livelihoods. And about the non-profit she started to help low and no income folks keep their pets.

But the important stuff is this: she lives with her husband, and their dog, Logan, on the outskirts of suburbia - where she has befriended most of the wild critters in her neighborhood (crows, jays, owls, raccoons, possums, skunks, coyotes and donkeys). She paints and crafts and upcycles and is generally a good steward to her small corner of the universe. And she has never stopped dreaming.

Her website is at, where you can find a list of her existing books and projects, (she loves scifi, fantasy, weird, and alt-history and sometimes merges them all).

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